Guide to Installing Speed Humps in Your Neighborhood

estate roadIf you live in a neighborhood that has a considerable volume of car traffic, then you understand that living in such environments comes with its risks. For instance, if you have cars moving around all day while bikers are doing their things, any mishap can be devastating. In light of this fact, municipalities and concerned residents often take it upon themselves to create some sanity on the roads.

Speed humps are essential addition when it comes to calming traffic. Unlike speed bumps, which serve pretty much the same role, They are made from recycled rubber and are highly customizable. If you are in the process of installing speed humps in your neighborhood, here are some practical tips to help you in this undertaking.

Talk to Your Neighbors

One of the first steps that you should take is to seek consensus from everyone concerned. You need to make sure that they identify the risk posed and whether they are willing to solve the threat. If you have a team of interested members, then you should schedule a discussion with the homeowners association, who will then escalate the issue.

Understand Your Local laws

Before you start installing anything on the road, you must understand the legal position. These will help you make an informed choice about the course of action to take. Some municipalities might require a thorough examination before allowing the installation of any traffic regulation features.

Draft a Proposal

Most municipalities require a signed petition from concerned neighbors before allowing any modification on the traffic. This document should not only be about showing the list of interested members, but it should also highlight all the reasons why this traffic calming solution is essential in your community. Also, you should have the start and end points clearly defined in your case.

Create an Action Plan

If you already understand what your municipality allows and what it does not, the next step should be to come up with an action plan. And in this case, if your neighbors fancy using speed humps, then your action should focus on the purchase and installation of speed humps. In most cases, the most important thing is to set a budget.kid riding a bike

Seek an Approval

With all the documents in your possession, you need to get approved. At times, you might be required to do some follow-ups. You might do this several times before getting the final approval, but the most important thing is to ensure you get the feedback that you have already wanted.