Experience the Beauty of Southeast Singapore

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The Mountbatten Residences in Singapore will be built on the site of the former Royal Air Force base in the city-state of Singapore. The project was developed by a team of architects known for their high-quality residential and business plans in Asia.

The developer is one of the most trusted property developers in Singapore, with a reputation for delivering high-quality work.  It is a dwindling resource that is generally preferred and therefore requires a premium of 20% to 30%.

Remarkable Places to See

Bungalow and Mansion

In the surroundings of this region, there are several magnificent residences owned by the Lee family. The famous Mandalay Mansion on Amber Road, which later passed into the hands of Lee Kuan Yew and his son Lee Cheng Hsiang, was built on Amber Road by Lee’s father Lee Hsien Loong and father-in-law Lee Chuan, along with his wife and children. In the late 19th century, the Lee family hosted lavish parties at the mansion and invited prominent guests such as Queen Elizabeth II, King George VI, and Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom.

Shopping Centre

Katong Shopping Centre is located on Mountbatten Road, one of Singapore’s most popular shopping centers. The mall has its main entrance at the intersection of East Coast Parkway and Marine Parade Road. While residents can use buses or MRT to get into the city center, they can also use the East Coast Parkway.

MRT Station

Mountbatten Railway Station can also be reached by stopping at the Paya Lebar Train Interchange, where east-west trains are readily available. From the train station, you can take a bus to Mount Batten Road, which will take you directly to the train station. The new condo on Mountlinden Road is the primary connection to Mounttattens Road and from there to the East Coast Parkway.

Condominium and Residences

The South East region state of Singapore is known for its beautiful and modern condominiums. Most expatriates choose to leave in this area because it is away from the hustle and bustle of city living. The area is also strategic as it is not that far from the central business district, and they can enjoy the sea breeze from east coast beach in a few bus stops.

This area also offers more choices for food at Katong, Siglap, and the privilege of having the East Coast beach nearby. Mountbatten is just 5 minutes drive to Suntec City and Raffles’s place, which is the financial district. Orchard Road is within ten minutes away via East Coast Parkway or the Nicoll Highway.

Tips for Purchasing a Condo

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Buying a condo is equivalent to any real estate investment. Factors like location, price, security, and mortgage need that are considered when buying a house also come into play when purchasing a condo.

Condo Condition

lady in a roomIf you are buying a new condo, then you may not face a lot of challenges as you would with renovated condos. For a renovated condo never forget to check every inch of the property. Take care especially of the electric and plumbing works. Check also the condition of the shelves, doors, and windows. Whether you are buying a renovated or anew condo, get a professional to inspect the condo for you. This way you are sure to buy a suitable property.

Community Around

For a pleasant stay at the condo, it is crucial that you know about the surrounding community. Get to see if they are helping and friendly in nature. The area also needs not to be noisy. To ensure the area is perfect for staying at any time of the day, visit the condo at different times. If you have children, choose an area which has a school in the neighborhood. It is convenient to go for an area which fits your lifestyle best.


The price of the condo is also another aspect that you need to consider before you sign the sale documents. The size, as well as additional amenities such as a gym, clubhouse, library or swimming pool, of any real estate property, will determine its cost. Location of the condo and upgrades on it will also determine its price. Check all costs and ensure that the final price is within your budget limit.

Maintenance clean compound

One reason why most people prefer condos rather than houses is that they will not have to take care of the maintenance of condos. The condo maintenance association takes care of the external repairs, and you only have to pay some monthly maintenance fee. Therefore when buying a condo ask about these charges.

Number of Owners in the Complex

Most people consider this factor when buying condos. It is advisable that you avoid buying condo complexes where more than twenty percent are not owners. Condo complexes with more owners have well-structured and organized condo homeowners association that takes care of maintenance. The poorly maintained complexes do not look pleasant and will result to lower resale value of the condo.

Consider all these factors when buying a condo even for rent purposes. You will get the best condo at a reasonable price if you are keen on these factors.

A Review Of Different Roofing Materials

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Modern roofing comes in different beautiful and amazing designs. The level of innovation is partly done by the variety of roofing materials available. If the interest is to have a view of the view at the lobby, transparent roofing materials are easily accessible. An expert from dakwerken website says that the sky is the limit when it comes to roofing. This article is going to highlight some of the popular roofing materials available and their benefits.

A Review Of Different Roofing Materials

Asphalt shingles

One cannot discuss roofing issues without mention this kind of materials as they are the most common. They are also easy to install and do not make the house bulky. The main material that makes them is fiberglass and they offer excellent service for many years. For anyone who is on a time budget, this is the right kind of roofing as they are not costly. As much as they need an expert to install, they are the easiest when it comes to installation. Another advantage they have is that they come in different colors and do not fade off quickly.

house with good Roofing

Metal roofing

On Hearing metal roofing, most people would wonder how. Well, thin sheets of aluminum, zinc, copper or alloy of such are commonly used to roof houses. As a matter of fact, people who like to harvest rainwater for various uses are better off with this kind of roofing. They can be painted in different colors to provide the best theme of the house. Apart from being lightweight, they are very durable.

Wood shingles

Wood is a very expensive and delicate type of roof to that needs to be installed by experienced experts. They offer stylish designs and are not the every tom dick and harry choice. Poor installation can cause multiple leak points and disappointments. They are however not recommended for areas that are prone to fire.

Concrete tiles

These kinds of roofing materials are recommended for tropical areas as they make the house cool. They are the old fashioned roofing solution for most countries. The concrete tiles are made in shingles, and they come in different shades with a popular one being brown and red.

unique Roofing


Slates are known for beauty and elegance and offer excellent security when it comes to fire hazards as they are fire resistant. Slates are not popular however due to their cost and weight. Roofing experts recommend the use of strong frames which is an extra cost as well.

Top Advantages of Buying a Condominium

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Condo experience is a combination of that of a home and an apartment. When buying a condo and own it; it is like owning a home. They share certain qualities with the rented apartments. For instance, residents live in an area surrounded by other buildings. Buying Erin Square Condos comes with lots of perks. The following are some of them:

Price Advantage

condo price advantageThe financial advantage of owning a condo is very clear. The rental payments of the same apartment come at a similar price. Therefore, mortgaging ownership is a good idea. This is because no money is lost. Moreover, you can gain money by investing in a condo.

Not in Charge of Outdoor Repairs

An owner of a traditional home is responsible for all outdoor repairs. However, condo residents are not responsible for such repairs. If you own a condo, you will not be tending to the garden or be mowing the lawn. The management will take care of everything but for a fee. This may include pool cleaning and roof repair. Since you will not be spending your energy on outdoor repairs, you can, in turn, use it for interior decoration. Also, you can attend to other important matters.

Lots of Amenities

Most condos come with a lot of amenities. For instance, you can exercise at the modern gym or swim in the pool. In addition, most new condos come with complete stainless kitchen appliances, a dryer, and washer. Usually, condos have convenient parking garages. Unlike in an apartment where you may be forced to pay street parking fees, for a condo you can save that money.

Freedom to Renovate

renovate condoIf you own living space, you have the freedom to renovate the home. You should note that renters cannot rearrange the design of their space. In doing so, they forfeit their security deposits. When you own a condo, you have the freedom to rearrange the room to the way you want. You can do this without fearing of any consequence. This is quite important for the families that have limited space.

Community Living

Condo buildings offer a community feel. The condo meetings are known to create interaction. In this way, communication grows among the neighbors. You cannot avoid interactions; they will occur at a particular time. You need to get the mail or remove the trash. Conversations can begin from anywhere. Over time, you will form friendly relationships.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Condo


If you are planning to buy a condo, then be assured that there are many options or choices you are likely to find. This means that no matter the individual’s needs, budgets, and styles one can get the best condo that will suit his or her needs. Before you begin looking for the best condominium, ensure that you have listed down some of the best tips that will guide you in your selection. In fact, you need to conduct research mainly from the internet to know some of the tips you need to consider when buying a condo.

Good location

buildings A location should be given priority when looking for a condo. This is because it affects both the future and the current price range of the units. That is why you need to ensure that you have considered choosing a condo that is situated in a good location. Make sure that you select a good condo that is near major roads and look if there are some of the major amenities such as business districts, markets, hospitals, and schools.


This is another important tip that will help you to determine whether the condo units you are about to choose are the best. Ensure that you take good care of your loved ones by selecting a condo that has enough security. You need to visit the apartment to check whether it has enough security systems before you make your final decision. If you find out that there is no enough security system, you can avoid buying that condo.

Population density

When you are looking for the best condo to purchase, it is important to consider choosing a condominium with a reasonable population density. This is because if there are many units per floor, then, it might result in unpleasant situations such as crowded pools and congested elevators. That is why you need to go for a condo that has a reasonable population density or one that is designed to ensure less foot traffic.

Consider your budget

colorful buildingWhen you are investing in a condominium unit, never make a mistake of investing in one that is beyond your financial capacity. You need to budget yourself and make sure that you buy a condo that will not lead you to other financial problems. Keep in mind that there are some other fees you will be obligated to pay. Therefore, choose a condo that will fit your budget.

Tips for buying condos

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As you may know, acquiring a condominium is somewhat similar to buying any other real estate property. Of course, you need to put an emphasis on many factors. Now, continue reading as we highlight the key factors to consider when buying a condominium unit.

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As expected, this is the first factor that you must consider if you are planning to buy a condominium unit. As we all know, condominiums are expensive. Thus, it is important to put your finances in order if you are planning to buy one.tall building

Now, assuming that you are now financially ready to buy your dream condominium, the next step is to ensure that the unit price is somewhat reasonable.


With the arrival of the Internet era, it is no wonder that almost everyone is now relying on the World Wide Web to obtain substantial insights and ideas. Thus, apart from going online to visit condominium websites, it is recommendable to search for platforms that offer reviews and ratings. This way, you will gain honest information about the condo.


Aside from the price, the location of the condominium must also be a top priority. In fact, the price of the condo would depend on its location. Obviously, condos that are situated in well-developed areas have a higher price compared to condominiums located on lesser well-developed areas.


On a different note, you should look for a condo that is accessible to shops, hospitals, and restaurants. In addition, always make sure that your condominium is near public transport. Always keep in mind that if you opt for a condominium that is not geographically accessible, you are defeating the purpose of buying a condo.


cartoon buildings However, it is worth noting that every condominium varies in terms of amenities.  Thus, it is important to know what are the amenities offered by the condominium. For instance, if you are health conscious who always hit the gym, you must see to it that the condominium has a state of the art fitness gym.


In most cases, condominium developers are always ensuring that their condominiums are situated in a safe area. Thus, you should not worry about this factor. However, it still necessary to make sure that the condominium is located in a neighborhood that is ideal for you.

Safety & Security

When buying a condominium unit, always put a great emphasis on this factor. Always ensure that the building is built with safety and security features. For instance, the building should have emergency protocols in case an emergency occurs. In addition, the unit itself must be equipped with state of the art security features such as password-protected doors.

Beginner’s Guide To Property Management


Every day, new developers come up and are working hard to meet the demand for housing. It is becoming common to see one investor accumulate wealth in real estate industry to a significant level within a couple of years. Consequently, this also raises the demand for a property management need. Reliable property management firms are getting new contracts every day for these upcoming properties.

A beginner’s guide to property management

Attributes of the best property management firm

giving key illustration Well, it’s good to know the kind of firm to hire. Otherwise, one may end up picking the wrong ones. Such a company needs to have resources to run your property. The number one resource is the human labor which includes managers, supervisors, and technical staff. Additionally, they need to have enough capital to run all the expenses including renovation and home staging if need be.

Another important attribute is the market knowledge. Investors have different needs like renting or leasing out and selling of homes. These processes need to be fast especially when renting and leasing to avoid loss of revenue.

Various services offered by property management firms

The primary function is to oversee all operations of a property on behalf of the client according to the contract. Some may need detailed management with a manager on site while others like furnished apartments will want daily housekeeping services. Reputable firms are flexible to provide any customized management services as needed by clients. Another important role is the collection, reconciliation, and banking of all the rent payments. They also oversee the marketing and selling of properties.

How to hire the best property management firms

cleanerThis can be an arduous task for beginners, but with the right highlights, one will get the best. One key factor to consider is their ability to deliver through history and reputation. One can check such details online or through a referral from friends and relatives. The staff experience also adds to the reputation. Any property management firm everyone is talking about must have something good.

If doing this by yourself is tough a consultant can interview and hire one for you. The consultancy fee may be far less than what the process will save in the long run.


Beginners need to be cautious when engaging property management firms. They need to hire them only when contented that the will deliver excellent service

Factors to Consider When Finding Modern Apartments


When renting an new modern apartment there are many things you should take into consideration. Getting a new apartment is newer an easy task, a finding out later that this apartment does not suit your needs or that it is in fact above your financial possibilities would in fact force you to go through that entire grueling process of moving yet again. The new launch is one great place you can get modern apartments. So to help you do that here are some factors you should consider when finding modern apartments.

General information

How many people are going live with you?

modern apartmentThis is in fact the most important question when looking for a modern apartment. Modern apartments are for the most part quite well thought out for an exact number of people. A single person or a young couple could with no grate difficulties comfortably occupy a single room apartment. Yet on the other hand, for any three or more people (weather it is a group of friends looking to rent an apartment together or a family with children) this simply wont do. In such a case your apartment would in fact (depending on the situation) require at least one, possibly more extra rooms.

Do you have a pet?

Not all modern apartments are pet friendly. In fact quite a bit of them aren’t. If you have a pet then you must take it into consideration.

The financial question

This is quite often one of the most burdening questions in the minds of people who have just decided to find themselves a new modern apartment. Sure we would all like to live in down-town apartments with security, private parking and an in complex bar. But our financial reality tends to dismay these dreams. Pick an apartment that you can afford on a long term basis, and remember your food and your bills are separate from your rent. Some cities tend to have different prices for water and electricity depending on the where you live, summed under the so called exotic location taxes. Which brings us to the next big issue.

Location, location, location

modern apartment construction How important is it to you. Well considering that you have already decided to move into a modern apartment it is safe to presume that you don’t indented to live in the suburbs. Hence the questions you should ask your self are as follows. How far are you willing to travel in order to get to work.Perhaps your place of employment is outside of the city, in which case the morning traffic could present a nightmare. Is it a safe neighborhood. This is also a very important question based on location. One should be able to feel safe in their own home. Remember location is king so choose wisely.
Well in my opinion these would be the most important factors you should consider when finding modern apartments.