Home Activities that will Help in a Toddler’s Development


As a parent, nothing is more satisfying than witnessing your children learn new things. Of course, their development depends on you. Therefore, you must make an effort to help them discover new things. Of course, you must do it at an early age. When it comes to activities that will help them in their development, there are a plethora of things that you can use to help them. Below are some of the activities at home that will help in a toddler’s development.


Play scavenger hunt

Try playing scavenger hunt with your child. Most likely, you will enjoy the game as well. This game is played by asking your child to find a particular object. You can also incorporate colors or shapes. This game aims to help your child identify things.

Sing vocabulary words

Help your child discover new words by singing vocabulary words. You can also sing nursery rhymes. The goal here is to help your child learn new words. If you do not like to sing, at least you talk to your child regularly.

Labeling your appliances

According to research, labeling your appliances or any items in your home will help your child relate words to pictures. Hence, it will develop the toddler’s language. Label a few appliances then rearrange the position of the appliances once a month. Keep in mind that you must not use fancy fonts.

Invest in child-friendly toys

TOY FOR A TODDLER It is no secret that children love toys. That said, buy them a toy every once in a while. Make sure though that you pick a toy that is child-friendly. It must be free from chemical as well. It is also recommended that you buy a toy that will help in the development of your child. A good example is a golf set because this type of toy will be of great help in developing the hand-eye coordination of your child. Who knows? Your child will show interest in the sport of golf. Check out The Top 5 Golf Sets for Your 2 Year Old to know which golf set to buy for your toddler. You might also want to purchase board games for your child because board games help in developing problem-solving skills.

Teach your child how to organize

Make an effort to teach your child how to organize things. Explain to your child that a specific thing must be placed in a specific place too. A good example is teaching your child where to put his or her toys when playtime is over. Put a label on the toy basket to help your child know how to relate words to pictures. Do not mind if it will take you some time to finish the chores. What is important is that you are helping your child about the importance of organization.


Those mentioned above are some of the fun activities that you can do together with your child. What is good about most of the activities is that it will not cost you a dime. Some might need to be purchased, but it will not hurt your pocket as well.  On a final note, do not let your child watch television as much as possible.