5 reasons to get rid of roaches at your home

Cockroach on wall

What is the problem with roaches? Though they are small pests, they can give you a hard time if you have them in your home. Probably you have never realized what makes them that dangerous. Pesticide producers understand better what kind of threat they pose to the residents of the homes they invade. When looking for a reliable pesticide, you need to know where to buy boric acid powder. Below are various reasons why we should eliminate roaches at all costs.

They spread germsroach

Most of the roaches’ time is known to be spent in dirty or filthy places thus picking with them pathogens and bacteria on both their legs and bodies. When they get into contact with the food in our homes and businesses they distribute those germs directly to them. This can cause sicknesses to anyone who consumes them.

They pose a risk of food poisoning

By crawling in our food preparation areas, and stepping on the vessels thereof, they also end up contaminating those places making it a health hazard to the users of the house. This may happen though we may claim to have stored food safely and are confident that they are out of reach of cockroaches. Through their interaction with the food preparation vessels, cockroaches can cause food poisoning or even diarrhea, in case the food prepared from such vessels are consumed.

They make the walls look dirty

Cockroaches periodically shed their exoskeleton. This will mean that a home infested with cockroaches will have many of this coupled with Roach faces all around the house. These skins together with the faces are known to cause allergies and asthma in children. This is so, especially, if the dust originating from them breathed in.

Cockroaches multiply very fast

With a nymph emerging within 38 days from their eggs and consequently complete their development within a span of 6 months to one year. It is a known fact that cockroaches have a lifespan that is longer than one year, this means that when they are not eliminated, they can thrive with many generations of different ages present.

Cockroaches They have a long lifespan

Cockroaches are said to be very resilient. It is said that they can live under very adverse conditions including radioactive areas. This is the reason why many pest control mechanisms are ineffective if used on them.

Cockroaches come in homes in their quest for basic needs such as food, water, and shelter. If they find the trio at once, their infestation begins just then. With only two roaches, their effect can escalate very fast. It is, therefore, advisable that eradication of cockroaches should start as soon as they are identified.