Important information about rat zappers

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If rats have been your greatest nightmare, then most definitely you must be looking for a way to get rid of them. And which better way to do it than by the use of a rat zapper. A rat zapper is a very dependable device as it has the ability to deliver years of reliable services. Some of the advantages that come with using a rat zapper, more especially that which is electrical is the fact that it is safe, humane and above all, it is very easy to use.

Ranging from the set up that it has, the ease with which you can clean it, and what it requires in maintenance, then it is definite to conclude that each rat zap is a good product as it has a step by step guidance on how you can use it. Having looked at the important role that the zapper can play in eradicating any mice from your home, let us look at some of the important information that you should have before you make your purchase.

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Know how it will work

Before you make a decision on which model of zapper to settle for, you should have some knowledge of how the device works. Most of these zappers are equipped with smart circuit technology which will instantly sense the presence of a rodent in the trap. To ensure that you purchase a zapper that will serve you best, settle for one that has this technology.

Kill rate

The other factor that you should endeavor to determine is the kill rate that the zapper has. An electrical zapper like the rap zapper works in a way that the moment the rodent steps inside, it will step on the electrical plates that are inside the zapper. This will ensure that the circuit is completed hence it will deliver 8000-volt shock which is high enough to kill the rodent. The most surprising thing is that rats are able to resuscitate themselves. That is why it is important that when you are making such a purchase, buy a zapper that is able to apply the shock for two minutes, to ensure that the killing rate is high.

Where to place the zapper

So that you effectively trap the mice, it is recommended that you place the zapper along the walls, since this is the route where the rodents primarily travel. Equally, you can place it in areas where you see that there are signs of rodent activity. Since rats are somehow intelligent they will always avoid anything that seems new in their bath, even though it will take some time to trap one, be patient as this will bear results soon.

How to bait/ what you should use as bait

ratsBefore you place the bait in your zapper, ensure that it is switched off. It is recommended that you place the bait along or at the back wall of the trap. Make sure that you use gloves so that you do not transfer any human scent to the bait. Use dry pet food as they have been found to be very effective.

Additionally before making your purchase, establish the type of batteries that you will need to power your zapper, equally do some research to determine any factors that may affect the effectiveness of the trap so that you avoid them or try to minimize them.